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Want to have a part of “A Military Series – A Parent’s Perspective” paintings and their stories?  You can have a part in spreading the stories and paintings around the nation by purchasing a poster. 
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Come visit “A Military Series – A Parent’s Perspective” through my blog and better yet in person in an exhibition near you and experience the true heart of a warrior. 



Love to paint? Draw? Come take a class – As an artist, I have a love to share and teach people about art from beginner to professional looking at starting in a new medium.  I teach in multiple media’s in classrooms around Central New York, on location in the Adirondack Mountains with my Adirondack Adventures, and near the bases when I am traveling to show my series.

The Heart of an American Hero Poster Project




Hello and Welcome America! 

There are heroes who have fought to keep you safe and free here in America.  Our Military comprises 1% of our nation’s population.  99% of us civilians have very little idea what this 1% has done in this 13 year long war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  As a parent and an artist I have seen so much and come to understand the spirit of a warrior.  In my paintings, “A Military Series – A Parent’s Perspective” I have captured images with profound stories, depicting what our son’s and daughter’s have experienced.   Not only do I show artwork, more importantly, I present the stories of our modern day heroes to groups and individuals.   
My Mission:  To teach America what our sons and daughters and the families that stand proudly behind them have done while protecting and preserving our freedoms with their very lives.  As a Military Mom I invite you to cross the bridge I have painted to bring understanding of their selfless sacrifice.  Our heroes are coming home.  Some continue to serve country and some have returned to civilian life, their stories of valor in quiet, real memories.  My challenge to you, America; “Our Heroes are coming home.  Do you know them?”



No matter where you travel, you can find our flag flying majestically over humble homes, castles, mountains, memorial parks and more, all because our heroes have fought for the peace and freedom we live in today